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Dependence on LAPACK and BLAS

    ARPACK is dependent upon a number of subroutines from LAPACK [1] and the BLAS [11,10,21]. The necessary routines are distributed along with the ARPACK software. Whenever possible, BLAS routines that have been optimized for the given machine should be used in place of the ones provided with ARPACK. A list of routines required from these two sources is available in Chapter 5. If local installations of BLAS and/or LAPACK are available then the corresponding ARPACK subdirectories may be deleted and the local installations may be pointed to instead. Care should be taken to verify consistency of the version dates of the local installations with the version dates of the BLAS and LAPACK routines provided with ARPACK.

NOTE: The LAPACK library on your system MUST be the public release. The current release is version 2.0. If you are not certain if the public release has been installed, we strongly recommend that you compile and link to the subset of LAPACK included with ARPACK.

Chao Yang