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In addition to this user's guide, complete documentation of usage, data requirements, error and warning conditions is provided in the header of the source code for each subroutine. There is sufficient documentation included in the README files, DOCUMENTS directory, and headers of the codes in SRC and the EXAMPLES subdirectories to begin using ARPACK. This user's guide is intended to further explain and supplement that documentation. In addition to a detailed description of the capabilities, structure, and usage of ARPACK, this document is intended to provide a cursory overview of the Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi/Lanczos Method that the software is based upon. The goal is to provide some understanding of the underlying algorithm, expected behavior, and capabilities as well as limitations of the software.

Extensive references to the literature on large scale eigenvalue methods and software are given here. Additional information and articles on the algorithmic theory and on applications of ARPACK may be found at

Chao Yang