Aztec Version 2.0 Release Notes

* We have added several new features: 
    1) ilut preconditioner
    2) ilu(k), bilu(k), icc(k) for k > 0.
    2) arbitrary overlap in domain decomposition
    3) equation reordering for incomplete factorization
       based on RCM algorithm
    4) Matrix-free & user-supplied preconditioning interface
    5) Improved flexability. Solvers can be used as

*****************  IMPORTANT for Aztec 1.1 USERS   ****************
*****************  IMPORTANT for Aztec 1.1 USERS   ****************
*****************  IMPORTANT for Aztec 1.1 USERS   ****************

  The following changes must be made to use Aztec 2.0:
    1) references to "params[AZ_fill]" need to be changed
       to "params[AZ_ilut_fill]".

    2) references such as "option[AZ_precond] = xxx;" where
       xxx is AZ_ilu, AZ_ilut, AZ_bilu must be changed to 
          option[AZ_precond] = AZ_dom_decomp;
          options[AZ_subdomain_solve] = xxx;
    3) options[AZ_keep_info] must be set to '1' if previous
       solver information is to be reused.
   Finally, Aztec 2.0 may give a somewhat different
   convergence history than Aztec 1.1. The main difference 
   between the two is that RCM reordering is now the default 
   when using incomplete factorizations.  If you don't want 
   this set 
                   options[AZ_reorder] = 0;


* Several new machines have been added to the Makefile
  including: Cray T3E and Linux boxes.

* A new matrix-free sample program has been included with the
* We have fixed a bug in the MPI communication associated with 

* We have fixed a couple of memory bugs in the domain decomposition.

* Other minor bug fixes.

* IMPORTANT: a few Aztec function parameters have changed. Mostly
  things like using unsigned integers instead of signed integers.
  This may generate warnings on some compilers unless you explicitly
  cast the parameters.

* The User's Guide has been updated to reflect these changes.