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Intel® Math Kernel Library Quick Reference

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The Intel® Math Kernel Library is a set of highly optimized routines for solving problems of computational linear algebra, performing the discrete Fourier transforms, and solving some other computation intensive problems. The library includes routines of the BLAS, Sparse BLAS, LAPACK and ScaLAPACK packages (Fortran interfaces), Sparse Solver, CBLAS (C interface to BLAS routines), as well as Discrete Fourier and Fast Fourier transform routines, Vector Mathematical Functions, Vector Generators of Statistical Distributions (Fortran and C interfaces). The library functions ensure high performance when run on Intel® processors. Level 3 BLAS and most LAPACK routines, in particular, take advantage of multiprocessor computation.

This Quick Reference (document number 253425-006) includes the following sections:

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For more information about the library, please refer to Intel® Math Kernel Library Reference Manual (document number 630813) and the Web site at

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