DCREATE_POLY_SDIA (a, ia, ndim, nz, p, n)


  a                   real*8
                      On entry, a two-dimensional array with dimensions ndim
                      by nz containing the nonzero elements of the matrix A.
                      On exit, a is unchanged.

  ia                  integer*4
                      On entry, a one-dimensional array of length at least
                      nz,  containing the distances of the diagonals from the
                      main diagonal.
                      On exit, ia is unchanged.

  ndim                integer*4
                      On entry, the leading dimension of array A, as declared
                      in the calling subprogram; ndim >= n.
                      On exit, ndim is unchanged.

  nz                  integer*4
                      On entry, the number of diagonals stored in array A.
                      On exit, nz is unchanged.

  p                   real*8
                      On entry, a one-dimensional array of length at least
                      On exit, array P contains information for use by the
                      polynomial preconditioner.

  n                   integer*4
                      On entry, the order of the matrix A.
                      On exit, n is unchanged.


  DCREATE_POLY_SDIA computes the information required by the polynomial
  preconditioner for a sparse matrix stored using the symmetric diagonal
  storage scheme. The real part of this information is returned in the array
  P. There is no integer information returned for this preconditioner. Part
  of the array P is used as workspace during the application of the

  The routine DCREATE_POLY_SDIA is called prior to a call to one of the
  iterative solver routines with polynomial preconditioning.

  This routine is available in both serial and parallel versions. The routine
  names and parameter list are identical for both versions. For information
  about linking to the serial or to the parallel library, refer to the CXML
  Reference Manual.

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