Polar Plots

To switch to graphing with polar coordinates, type: To switch back to Cartesian coordinates, type: In polar mode, the independent variable x corresponds to the angle, or theta noramally used for polar plots. Polar plots are always plotted in a rectangular box, to change the size of the graph, use the set yrange command. This will change both the horizontal and vertical range. For an example, consider the following:

To change the displayed range so their is extra space around the graph, type:

Note that this would leave the yrange set to [-4:4] for subsequent plots. To turn autoscaling back on, use the following:

The default for interpretation of the angle is radians. To switch this value, you can use one of the following:

3D Polar coordiantes

GnuPlot supports the 3D equivalent of polar coordinates, spherical and cylindrical coordinates, are only available for 3D data plots. For information on them, see help set mapping.
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