Outputing to Graphics files

You cannot output directly from GnuPlot to Graphics files. You could use the convert command (convert test.ps test.jpeg) if you had printed to a file, or you can use the screen grab option in Image Magick. Do the following to get a graphics files version of a graph.
  1. Have the graph you want displayed in a graphics window.
  2. Have ImageMagick started. You can do this by typing display & in a shelltool or commandtool (not at the gnuplot prompt).
  3. If you didn't have Gnuplot already running, choose Load from the menues that pop up when you hold a mouse button down over Image Magick's screen.
  4. Choose Grab
  5. Move the Grab window if you have to, and make sure that the window with your graph in it is unobstructed.
  6. Click Okay in the Grab Window. Then click the left mouse button in the window with the Graph you want.
  7. After a couple of seconds, a copy of the graph should pop up in GnuPlots' window. You can resize it or apply effects to it within ImageMagick.
  8. Choose Save from ImageMagick's menu.
  9. Choose format from the Save screen.
  10. Select the graphics type you want (i.e., .jpeg or .jpeg.
  11. Give the file the name you want, and click on Save.
For more information on ImageMagick, see here for information on the display program or here for information on the convert program.
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