Changing Axis Labels

If you want to add Labels to your axis, to describe them, you can use the commands : Note that the ylabel string in 2D plots will appear at the top left corner of the screen, using a Graphic view. However, it will be vertically placed in a postscript plot. If you want to move the label, you can use the following offsets after the ylabel graph: These will add labels of the string you specify to the graph. For instance, typing the following: will produce the graph

Labels work the same in 3D plots, where the zlabel is used as well. To turn off the labels, Just use the set xlabel with no arguements.

Displaying Zero Axises...

You can turn off the dashed lines that represent the x=0 and y=0 lines in 2D plots. To turn them off, use one of the following: For example, if you typed the following: You would get :

Turning off Border and Graph Key

Command relating to border - You can also turn off the display of the function names in the upper right hand corner. Related commands - For example: produces the following:

Changing "Tic" Marks on the Borders...

You can turn off the markings on the axis by using one of the commands like set noxtics. For instance, typing the following: produces the following graph:

To turn the tics back on, use set xtics or set ytics. You can also make the Tics marks correspond to Days of the week (i.e., set xdtics, or months (i.e., set xmtics). For instance, typing the following:

Produces the following:


One final thing, with splots, you may have noticed that the graph is always raised above the base. If you want to lower it, see help set ticslevel.
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